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We're a fully-digital insurance company focused on small businesses. We're currently operating in stealth mode with financing from top investors.

We develop our own unique insurance products from the ground up, and we combine that with software that automates the process to get covered and file claims. And we give business owners the tools they need to operate their business with less risk. As you can probably tell, we have a big goal and there is tons to do! :)

Our founding team has a track record in InsurTech and product development DNA, having most recently built a startup with 50 employees, serving the largest insurance companies in the world, and having raised over $40M in venture capital. You’ll be able to focus on the difficult task of building a world-class product based on market feedback from our customers and partners.

We want to build a world-class product and engineering culture in the Bay Area, and we’d like members of these teams to work in-person at least a few days per week. We trust that you’ll get your work done, the in-person is mostly about team building and culture.

What will you do at Rainbow?

  • You'll own the backend architecture of our app. How do we keep a record of all changes and all data fields that go into insurance rate calculations? What’s the API between the frontend and backend look like? You will work closely with engineering, and product to understand the use cases and iterate on the backend.
  • You'll ship frequently as we iterate on the product. There's a lot of stuff we need to build! We're also probably not going to get features right the first time, so we're going to need to iterate quickly.
  • You'll delete and refactor a lot of code. It’s important to write code and ship, but it’s also important to remove code and make the codebase easier to work on. At Rainbow, we care about making sure the codebase is well structured and as simple as possible so we can stay motivated and not feel drained after a day’s worth of work.
  • You'll set the tone for backend at Rainbow. As an early engineer at Rainbow, we will be looking to you to help realize our vision when it comes to the backend. You'll get to have a lot of say in engineering practices and how the backend is architected.

About you

  • You're a hacker. You have substantial experience building nontrivial applications. You're passionate about the craft of engineering and want to be on a team where people feel the same. We do not require a college degree.
  • You're comfortable sharing drafts, getting feedback, and iterating. You have experience working closely with others and changing course based on feedback.
  • You’re scrappy. You know what it takes to ship high-quality production software, but you’re also happy taking judicious shortcuts and even deliberately incurring tech debt to get the job done.
  • You know your way around building Backends. You have 5+ years of shipping backend code that other people use.
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