A health inspector walks into a restaurant... Rainbow's Ultimate Guide to Passing a Restaurant Health Inspection

A health inspector walks into a restaurant... Rainbow's Ultimate Guide to Passing a Restaurant Health Inspection

So you or your client are about due for a health inspection. With the proper prep, you and your client can get through it smoothly as possible. Follow this guide to know what to expect.

What is a restaurant health inspection? 

Health inspection reports are intended to prevent conditions that could harm people in your restaurant. The regulations pertain to storage, production, processing, preparing and packaging food products. If you own an establishment that serves food, you’re required to comply with the code regulations enforced by your state and/or city. Although there is no national code, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a guide to help you find your state’s health food code.

When do they happen? 

If you operate a year-round restaurant, you can generally expect an inspection every 6 months. If you operate seasonally, you may have one per year. 

What do I do if an inspector walks in?

  • Verify the inspector’s credentials. If you’re unsure about anything, you can contact your local department of health inspection
  • Be actively cleaning. If an inspector sees you doing this, they are likely to believe it’s routine
  • Check cooking and storage temperatres. Make sure they are set to their proper levels
  • Follow the inspector. If the inspector raises any concerns, you ill ant to witness the violations yourself, and ask for any clarification you may need
  • Act in the moment. If there are quick fixes, act immediately to rectify them
  • Do not offer any food or drink to the inspector. This could be seen as a bribe. And needless to say, bribery is froned upon. Just be kind, courteous and professional
  • Sign the inspection report. This is not an indication of agreement in the inspector’s findings, only evidence that you received a copy of the report.

The following are a few great tips from Rainbow's Ultimate Guide to Passing a Restaurant Health Inspection. Follow this guide to pass your health inspection and keep your customers safe. Download the guide to get the full information!

Pretend you're a customer Evaluate your restaurant from the point of view of someone visiting your restaurant. Is the bathroom clean? Is the silverware spotless? Ask your customers or a friend for honest feedback.

Inspect yourself Perform surprise evaluations of your restaurant and your staff yourself. Be as meticulous as a health inspector.

Review past issues Use past reviews to spot your historical weaknesses. Share them with your staff so they can also be more diligent.

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