Rainbow's Product Updates [June Edition]

Rainbow's Product Updates [June Edition]

We’re expanding availability!

Rainbow offers flexible coverage for almost anywhere that serves food.

In May, we expanded our BOP availability to the state of Connecticut. Of note, all CT policies must be bound via ACH. Keep reading to learn more about ACH, including the most recent improvements!

We also expanded our Excess Liability (XS) availability to the states of Indiana, Nevada, South Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

More states coming soon for both Rainbow’s BOP and XS products. To stay up to date, check our Availability page here.

New establishment class: Brew pubs

You asked, we listened! Rainbow’s risk appetite now includes brew pubs.

When submitting a brew pub risk, you can indicate the establishment class by selecting either:

  • Brew Pubs / Commercial Cooking
  • Brew Pubs / No Commercial Cooking

To start, all brew pubs will trigger a referral so make sure you click the green Refer now CTA to send a notification to our underwriting team. We’ll get back to you promptly with some additional questions related to the brewing exposure!

If you have any questions about a specific risk, email or use our in-app chat feature.

Micro-deposit verification no longer needed to bind a policy using ACH!

Good news! Rainbow has removed micro-deposit verification from the ACH payment workflow.

To bind a policy via ACH, follow these steps:

  1. E-mail or use our in-app chat feature requesting that the quote for <insured name> be set to payment method type = ACH. One of our underwriters will switch the payment method type from credit card (default for all states except CT) to ACH and save the changes. You’ll notice the estimated annual premium will go down slightly since the credit card fee will be removed.

  1. Once the underwriter has made the change and confirmed with you, proceed to the payment page and bind the policy!

As always, if the insured prefers to input the payment details and bind the policy on their end, you can share the quote with them from the quote summary page. As a reminder, here’s how:

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