Rainbow's Product Updates [May Edition]

Rainbow's Product Updates [May Edition]

Welcome to Rainbow Insurance's Product Updates Newsletter! In this edition, we're excited to introduce XS Liability, a new coverage option designed to bolster protection for restaurants. Learn how XS can enhance your existing coverage and find out about other improvements to our platform.

Introducing XS Liability!

Excess (XS) liability policies benefit your client's restaurant by strengthening their existing coverage. By adding an XS policy to an underlying BOP, your clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re protected even in the event of a sizable loss.

XS is now available in many of the states where BOP is available and there are more states coming soon! Check which states are available here.

To create an XS quote, follow these steps:

1. Start a BOP quote. On the Liability Coverage page of the questionnaire, select $1,000,000/$2,000,000 as the General Liability limit.

2. Complete the BOP quote. On the quote summary page, in a purple card, you’ll see the XS quote indication. A reminder that a quote indication is a non-binding estimate subject to the provision of additional information.

To get a bindable XS quote, click the Email CTA which directs you to

3. Send an email with the following information:

  • Business name
  • Required Excess General Liability Limits
  • Optional: Required Additional Coverages & Limits:some text
    • Excess Assault and Battery
    • Excess Employee Benefits Liability
    • Excess Employers Liability
    • Excess Hired and Non Owned Auto
    • Excess Liquor
    • Excess Miscellaneous Liability

One of our underwriters will be in touch!

4. After bind, the XS policy will show up in your Policies list alongside the BOP and you can click in to view the XS policy details.

Improved Contact email UX! You can now use the same Contact first name, Contact last name and Contact email for multiple quotes and policies.

Previously, you were unable to create multiple quotes using a single Contact email for the insured. As a result, the insured had to log in to a unique account for each policy instead of accessing all their policies via a single account.

Good news! You can now use the same Contact first name, Contact last name and Contact email for multiple quotes and policies.

For example, let’s say you have a client that owns two restaurants and they want separate quotes for each of the restaurants. Now you can input the same Contact first name, Contact last name and Contact email for both quotes on the Basic Information page.

After, when the insured logs into their account, they’ll be able to toggle between their policies using the selector at the top.

Improved Contact email UX! You can now edit the Contact email before bind.

Previously, you had to contact Support to edit the Contact email for the insured before bind.

Now you can do it yourself! There’s two ways to do it.

The first way is by editing the email after clicking the Share icon in the top right corner of the green card on the quote summary page.

The second way to do it is by editing the email on the checkout page.

In both cases, the policyholder email will be updated for this policy only. The policyholder will need to use the last saved email to login to Rainbow and all billing communications will be sent to that email.

Hot tip from Kelsey, Principle Project Manager: Remember to click “Refer now” to request a manual review!

You’re looking to get a quote for one of your clients. You submit the application and it triggers a referral because some characteristics of the business fall outside our standard underwriting parameters.

First of all, don’t worry. This just means that we require a member of our underwriting team to review your case before issuing a quote. Rainbow commits to expedited underwriting responses, with most referral decisions in under one hour, as well as real-time customer service chat.

To refer a quote, click the green Refer now CTA. This sends a notification to our underwriting team.

You’ll know you referred the application successfully because you’ll immediately see this modal:

When you return to the dashboard, you’ll see the quote status is Referred (vs. Action Required: Refer now).

And if you click back into the quote, you’ll see the green Refer now CTA is no longer visible and in place of it, there’s a confirmation message indicating the quote has been referred.

Once the quote has been reviewed and approved by an underwriter, you’ll see on the Dashboard that the quote status is Bindable.

Once you click into the quote, you’ll see a new green Purchase CTA that enables you to proceed to the checkout page and bind the policy.

If you have any questions about a specific referral, email

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