Recent Wins: A Closer Look at a Michigan New Venture Smoothie Shop

Recent Wins: A Closer Look at a Michigan New Venture Smoothie Shop

Welcome to Recent Wins! Rainbow’s latest series exploring real life wins with real life agents and their clients (restaurant-identifying information excluded of course). You can explore more real life Recent Wins here!

Let's delve into the details of a recent insurance policy we and a Rainbow agent crafted for a Michigan New Venture Smoothie Shop.

Insured Snapshot:

This Smoothie Shop is a great example of Limited Cooking Restaurants (No Commercial Cooking, No Table Service) as well as Rainbow's love of new ventures (as long as management has at least three years of experience)! The agent made sure to add on Equipment Breakdown coverage in case of machine failure for the small two location franchise.

Why We Won:

The success story behind this insurance policy is a testament to strategic collaboration and trust between agent, client, and Rainbow. Mike Gibbs, the underwriter involved in the process, says:

Mike Gibbs, Underwriter

“Bound two (2) locations with this small franchise as the agent worked cohesively with the underwriting team to win bind. Strip mall location with exceptional management experience and risk management.”

Kimberly O'Malley-Harju of O'Malley-Harju Insurance Agency, told us:

"Our experience shows us that Rainbow is easy to deal with, competitively priced. It is nice to deal with a company that wants to write business!"

In a dynamic landscape where risk lurks around every corner, securing adequate insurance coverage isn't merely a formality but a strategic imperative. For this Smoothie New Venture franchise, our tailored insurance policy serves as a shield, protecting your favorite berry combos for generations to come 🥤

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